I wasn’t one of the lucky 201,852 people that got to attend GenCon this year. Boo hoo ūüôĀ That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy all the coverage of games that were being previewed and not to mention the game haul photos. However, from what I have seen these are the top 5 games I was most excited to see out of GenCon 2016, so here they are in no particular order.

1. Mystic Vale


I have tried to resist the urge to buy into Mystic Vale. I know it’s a gimmick “Card Crafting”, but those transparent cards are soooo sweet. You aren’t just building your deck, you are structuring your cards so when you think about the replayability of this game it gets me excited. Ok, so the theme is a little thin and samey, but you know what? I don’t care because I will construct the ultimate card to beat Laura with mwhahaha.

2. Potion Explosion


One of the things I have noticed over the past few years is that production levels are at an all-time high. Potion Explosion is no exception to this. Not only is the game visually stunning, it’s very tactile with the use of marbles and mock vials in order to create potions.


Potion Explosion has all the ingredients I look for in a family-friendly game, set collection with a little take that. Don’t forget the exploding marbles too.

3. Cry Havoc


I’m a huge fan of sci-fi so when I saw the box art for Cry Havoc, I was like YES, please. Although I have yet to play it myself, what I have heard about the game has been very positive. ¬†An asymmetrical card driven war game with different factions and abilities, a rich theme and great artwork.


Ever since I played Netrunner, I have been obsessed with asymmetrical games so this is a definite draw for me.

4. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

hogwarts battle

About time! I’m so shocked that this is one intellectual¬†property (IP) that hasn’t been used for a hobby board game, so when Usaopoly announced a Harry Potter game that wasn’t Monopoly or Cluedo I was so excited.


The core mechanic being deck building didn’t surprise me. It seems to be the easiest option for creating a game with an IP, just look at Cryptozoic. Usaopoly has given Hogwarts Battle a slight twist with it being a “progressive, cooperative¬†deck builder”, think along the lines of a legacy style game with new elements being added along the way. All this aside I’m happy to see a Harry Potter game, I just hope it’s good.

5. Rising Sun


Touted as the spiritual successor to blood rage, Rising Sun is less about death, more about honour and negotiation. I am a huge fan of Blood Rage and Eric Lang’s work in general so when Rising Sun was announced I was panting at the thought of this game.


With minimal information on Rising Sun other than a brief¬†synopsis, box art and miniatures my interest in this is based on aesthetics and my love of Mr. Lang’s previous designs. Please don’t let me down Eric.

That’s¬†my top 5. What excited you the most? Comments below.