What games do you think are over-hyped and why?
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  • Josh Tolpa

    Also, pretty much any game that is attached to a license that has a fan base who can’t see past the license.

  • Josh Tolpa

    I bought Betrayal at House on the Hill based on people hyping it, and it fell completely flat on the two occasions we’ve played it. It was 45 minutes of exploring, 15 minutes of everyone trying to figure out the haunt rules, and 10 minutes of incredibly unbalanced haunt.

    • I had a few friends play this at games night and with in 15 minutes a player was eliminated, but the game went on for another hour!

  • rikvanhorn

    Dead of Winter. Search, trade cards, play cards, kill zombies. That’s pretty much the entire selection of options. The crossroads cards, while interesting, still don’t change the dynamic much.

    • I know a few people who have similar feelings on this game. I do enjoy this one, mainly for some of the comedy moments that arise whilst playing.

  • Orhan Ertughrul

    The Game – One of the Spiel de Jahres nominees this year. Definitely over-hyped!

    • Never even heard of it until the nominations came in.

  • Orhan Ertughrul

    That’s just the best t-shirt ever!! 😀

  • Jeremy Clayton

    It’s nothing but a cube exchange game with poker chips instead of cubes. Add in a stereotypical and pasted-on theme, and you have a recipe for ZZZzzz.

    • I like the game, but I do agree I’m surprised it has done so well.

    • Mitch Lavender

      I have to second this one. The poker chips are nice, but the game has the ability to suck the life from a gaming group like a Nosferatu at a summer camp.

    • Michael Wendt

      I actually enjoy splendor.. it’s a great game with kids and people newer to board games as it is simplistic with a small amount of strategy. And easy to learn in a few min. That’s why it’s done so well.. pretty, easy and fast… 3 important ingredients to make a game sell!… now best game in the world.. of course not… most strategic. . Nope.. but I can name a so many I can’t take out if family visits.. so many that I don’t have time to play or time to set up (ie anything fantasy flight).. so it fits in just the right spot to be a perfect game for any casual gamer or anyone short on time, or even better family time! If you have 5 adult males looking for a tough backstabbing strategy game.. wrong game for the group.. but if you know the game and what it’s notch is its the perfect game… that is my humble opinion anyways! 🙂

      • I agree with you on as to why it has done so well. It’s one of the first games I’ll teach to non-gamers. I guess I can get a little jaded because there is so much variety and I start to look at gateway games in a different light.