If you are into Wargaming and you haven’t heard of WAAC it’s time to put those paint brushes down, put your dice away and listen up! WAAC stands for Wargamers All Against Cancer and is an event put together by David Wilkinson, better known as Bear from the Flock & Awe podcast.

Unfortunately David’s mum has been diagnosed with cancer, but thanks to Macmillan cancer support they haven’t had to go through this alone. As a way to raise awareness and say thanks for the great work that Macmillan do, not just for his mum , but others affected by cancer too. David is asking all of the Wargaming community to get involved.


So far the response has been fantastic, from prizes donated by some of the biggest names in Wargaming and painting events that will then all be up for auction, with all proceeds going to Macmillan. The WAAC event seems to be shaping up quite nicely:

  • Commission Painting
  • 24 hour gaming
  • WAAC Dice
  • WAAC Wear
  • WAAC Gaming templates
  • Painting Competition
  • Paintathon
  • Raffle

The event will be on the 23rd – 24th August and will be held at many different locations including:

  • Dark Sphere
  • The Outpost
  • Sanctuary
  • The Grid
  • Tabletop Nation
  • Bristol Vanguard
  • The Giants Lair
  • 2D6
  • The Gamers’ Emporium
  • Peagasus hobbies & games
  • Wargames Workshop MK
  • Aftermath Gaming Club

For more info on this amazing cause visit Bears Blog