This nearly slipped under my iOS gaming radar, but I caught the little bugger. Released on the 28th of October, HeroCrafts Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf. This is something different to what Games Workshop has given us so far, in terms of mobile gaming. Yep, Space Wolf is a turn based strategy game mixed with a collectible card game. Huh?! First thing CCG, I smell lots of in app purchases, but hey, who am I to judge Games Workshop. 😐


That aside the graphics look pretty good. The idea of the tactical battles with squads, whilst using a card driven combat mechanic, allowing you to customise your deck to suit your strategic playing style really appeals to me. Its like magic the gathering cards jumped into bed with a wolf scout squad and made sweet sweet love. Lets hope it’s a beautiful offspring.


Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf is free in the App store and is compatible with:

  • iPad 3 and up
  • iPad mini 2 and up
  • iPhone 5 and up

An internet connection is needed to play and multiplayer PvP will be coming soon.