I know it’s Monday and Mondays totally suck, so I thought I would try to bring a little bit of happiness to your day.

That’s right Star Wars X-Wing wave IV of Imperial Starfighters.


The TIE Phantom –

With this new release we see the new cloaking ability and if you thought that was bad ass enough its base attack is 4 dice. So stick that up your rebel scum bum!



The TIE Defender –

Another first is the TIE Defender, which features a white Koiogran turn on its manoeuvre dial. This will certainly keep your opponent on their toes as the predictability of this Starfighter’s end position will be hard to calculate. That being said the TIE Defenders only green manoeuvres are straight ahead, so this will lose its effectiveness and unpredictability when the Starfighter comes under stress.



So there you go I hope your crappy Monday is just that little bit better. Don’t forget you can get all your X-Wing goodness from the Element Games link below ;P