Just in case you haven’t had enough X-Wing goodness, there is more coming up in 2014. 

You have probably all by now seen or even own the expansions, that were announced this year at GenCon. If not you can have a look here also the Imperial aces, which have now been pushed back to a late January 2014 release.

We have a sneak peek at the new Rebel Transport Expansion Pack and Tantive IV Expansion Pack. These models are part of the X-Wing: Miniatures Game’s new cinematic play and epic tournament format which will make these larger scale models, game legal. Both expansions are set for a February 2014 release.

The Rebel Transport Expansion


The X-Wing model included in this expansion is a new miniature with 4 more pilot cards, 5 upgrade options and all usable in a standard 1/270 scale game. The GR-75 medium transport miniature, can however only be used in cinematic play or epic format.

Tantive IV Expansion

The expansion features new thematic missions, that can be played individually or combined into a larger campaign. With in the cinematic play, Imperial players will then have their chance to try to capture the Rebel blockade runner.

Cinematic Play

The missions that form the cinematic play have been apart of the main game since its release, but additional rules are brought in with the Rebel Transport expansion that feeds into a heavily thematic campaign. This is carried out over 3 missions which allows you to recreate the evacuation of Hoth.

You’ll relive the Rebellion’s desperate effort to escape Hoth’s atmosphere, survive the initial encounter with the Imperial blockade, and make the jump to light speed. Each of these missions stands on its own as a rewarding play experience, complete with unique themes and mechanics, but you’ll also be able to link them together for a fuller Cinematic Play experience.

Epic Tournament Format

The Epic Tournament Format will allow you to use all sized X-Wing miniatures in a game. Also in the Epic Format you will be able to benefit from the frequency jammers of the Rebel Transport or the Tantive’s IV hard-hitting lasers.

Please leave a comment below. What do you think to these expansions and the new play modes?