Before my epic galactic battle of X-wing, against the missus. I thought I would take to the internet and see if I could find a decent Squadron Builder. I chose the first result that Google had churned out, not knowing what to expect, I have to say I was presently surprised.

I was really impressed with it has everything you’d want from a squadron builder and a few little extras.

I love the clean look which makes it easy to navigate round, so that you can get those squadron lists produced in no time.

In the tools section it allows you to input your x-wing collection, by simply checking boxes next to the models you have. This is great when it comes to building your squadron, if you don’t have the model or the quantity of the model it will be greyed out in the Available Pilots section, down the left hand side. This is the same for when you have exceeded the squadron points limit.

You can save all your squadrons and even record victories and loses with said squadron, producing some nice useful stats.

Got a killer list? Easily share it out on all the major social networks. The cherry on the top of the x-wing, it all integrates with your Facebook account.



And most importantly printing them off. You get a bold, clean roster that is easy to read and refer to during your game. Not to mention all the upgrades listed and explained, if chosen.



Let me know if you have used this site? What your thoughts are or if you know of any other good X-Wing Squadron builders?