I’m guessing if you’re on this site you’re either a Star Wars fan or you at least know of it.

There’s this game that came out a while back called X-Wing, produced by fantasy flight games. If you haven’t heard of this game I’ll put a link up later. It’s basically a skirmish game involving Rebel and Imperial starcraft. TIE fighters, X-Wings and the amazing Millennium Falcon, which we all want to fly.

So for those of you who are familiar with X-Wing, you’ll be interested to know that there are expansions that are about to become available.  So YAY!

Here for your geek gaze only are a few pictures taken at Gen Con 2013.

First up the new Lambda-class Shuttle Expansion Pack.

We all remember this from the films now you get to fight with it, there’s also 12 upgrades for you to enjoy.

Next up we have the TIE Interceptor Expansion Pack.
This little craft is going to be packing a mighty punch with missiles, torpedoes and bombs. Although not as agile, it certainly won’t be overlooked.

Next up is the HWK-290 Expansion Pack.
This is the Rebel answer to the Lambda-class and again rewards players, who like to fly in formation and with good support options.
Finally the B-Wing Expantion Pack, one of my personal favourites.
There’s something about the design I just love, almost as much as the Millennium Falcon.

The B-Wing can get into the thick of it very well with system upgrades a cannon and 2 torpedoes, it’s got the firepower to deal with a lot of foes.

Thats it for X-Wing, but I’ll leave you with a few pictures from this years Gen Con.


Star Trek Catan.


Blue Moon Legends.


The Giant Damon Queen of Spiders.


Firefly The Game.




A full size D&D live dungeon.




The Doom That Came To Atlantic City.


And finally those cosplay girls most people really go to see.

So as ever leave a comment. Also if you’ve been lucky enough to attend Gen Con, let us know.
Also here’s the promised link of Star Wars X-Wing in action http://t.co/k3fvyoq47a