TaDa here it is, in all its glory the YT-2400 Freighter.


Amongst the versatility of this light freighter it comes with some nifty upgrades, Stay on Target and Dash Rendar.


Both of these upgrades allow the YT-2400 to move flexibly through space and get into a manner of advantageous positions to rain down the fire.

leebo eaden-vrilllone-wolf

Check out the above nasties “Leebo” giving you a choice out of two damage flips, keep one discard the other. Not forgetting Eaden Vrill, take advantage of a ship under stress by rolling an additional attack die when using the YT-2400’s primary weapon. The only down side to this is its low pilot skill, I guess this is the trade-off.

Sometimes it pays to be alone, well at least when Lone Wolf is used as an upgrade. No friendly ships at range 1-2, you can reroll 1 of your blank results.

If that isn’t enough, out manoeuvre your opponent with the ability to barrel roll in the YT-2400’s activations phase, no upgrade required.

This is the movement diagram of a Tie Fighter after a barrel roll…
This is the movement diagram of the YT-2400 after a barrel roll, The edge of its firing arc moves laterally one full range increment and can move nearly half a range increment forward.

All of this coming to a tabletop near you.